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Empowering You with Food for Thought


Do you find yourself searching for your keys or remote control more and more often? Research in the field of aging and nutrition has shown that good nutrition may help to improve memory. Some experts believe a better memory may be as close as your grocer’s aisle or local farmer’s market. Maybe even your own organic garden!

Here are some fruits and vegetables, high in antioxidants, and thought to have memory enhancing benefits:
















Eat to live don’t live to eat!

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Shake DOWN the Salt!

Most of your salt intake doesn’t come from liberal sprinkling at the dining table.  The bulk is hidden in many of the foods that we buy at the grocery store or our favorite fast food restaurant.


Most people know that chips, pretzels, crackers and salted nuts and popcorn are loaded with sodium. But you may be surprised to learn how much sodium (salt) lurks in canned soups, processed cheeses, hot dogs, bacon, lunch meat, frozen meals, sauce and gravy mixes, stuffing, soy sauce, bouillon cubes, and other processed foods. Even if you choose turkey or chicken that cuts the fat content, it’s the processing that adds sodium. Sodium (salt) is used as a preservative. A bowl of corn flakes can have about the same amount of salt as a small packet of plain chips.


Looking at labels can help you find the sodium in your grocery items. But realize that the sodium listing is for just one serving size, not the whole container. Watch your portions and serving sizes.  “If you eat fast food even once a week, you are probably eating 2 to 3 times as much salt as you need,” says Jill Minette, R.D., assistant director of clinical nutrition at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.


High Sodium Intake and Health Conditions

The sodium level in our body is mainly regulated by our kidneys.

Too much sodium can contribute to many health conditions:

• high blood pressure

• heart failure

• kidney problems/stones

• stroke

• gastric cancer

• edema (swelling)

• enlarged heart

• osteoporosis (thin/weak bones)


Read Food Labels, Ask for Nutritional Information, Make Better Choices

Check nutritional information of food labels before you buy a product.

Look for the amount of salt (sodium, Na), monosodium glutamate (MSG), baking soda or soda (sodium bicarbonate), baking powder, sodium benzoate, sodium sulfite, sodium nitrite, etc. present in the product.

Do not keep salt shaker on the dining table

Choose fruits and vegetables as snacks, rather than snack foods

Choose fresh, frozen or canned items without added salts or of the reduced salt variety

Select unsalted nuts or seeds

Select unsalted, fat-free broths, bouillons or soups

Select fat-free or low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese with low sodium

Add spices, herbs, garlic and lemon juice to cooking instead of salt to enhance the taste and flavor of foods.

Use half the amount of salt recommended in a recipe.

Some medications contain high amounts of sodium. Look for it or ask your health provider.

(Any information presented through MD Wellspring is not intended to substitute for your doctor’s recommendations)

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21 Day Fast Notes

welcomewellness1-01After a rough 14 days of the 21 day prayer journey for miraculous relationships, I may be getting to a place of perspective and strategic forward motion. While I have not participated to the letter as outlined, I have read the daily information and used them as additional input for my own thoughts and prayers as I seek God for miraculous relationships. Today’s centering thought particularly struck a cord in me: ‘ I see through the eyes of my soul.’


Today I finally got the opportunity to sit, be still and shut up (a new Reverend Gigi-ism). Shut off all the noise in my space and really committed to listen for and to God. In the process I pulled out some old journal (and WISE notes) and here is the crux of what I gleaned as I listened to and for God.


The prevailing notion, question, struggle evidenced in my writings and spiritual study since 2010 (the release and launch year)  is that of TRANSITION: where to now, what or how to now, and who now.


This is what I heard God say:


1.) Where?

Out of the wilderness and into the promised land, my preferred place of blessing for you.


2.) What/how to now?

It’s about faith and courage. New levels, new devils require new tools and strategies (spiritual and temporal). A new mindset and deeper wisdom is required.


In this land it will take courage to use (exercise) your faith. More accountability comes with living in the promised land. Abundance does not come from heaven when you are in the promised land. There has to be a development of attributes, skill sets and abilities. The principle of tithes then offerings then investments is non-negotiable.


Two areas that God has been pushing (training, whipping, exposing) me in over the last two years are financial freedom and personal relationship fulfillment. He says that I must not go back to the wilderness wandering consumer  mentality of needing God to provide just enough (manna) but rather to live (fully embrace) as conquer, warrior, producer of wealth, moving in God’s favor and influence.


The immediate work is to move from the mindset of anxious, doubting, fearful and rejected girlfriend to calm and confident wife. He says that I must now walk in Godly confidence understanding that it is not about me but his plan and will for our lives together. He reveals situations for me to pray about, not flounder in fear and frustration. Pray from position of authority and knowledge of God’s word and character. Training ground.


3.) Who?

Joshua is the  example and role model for me to study.


When God spoke he obeyed.


His success– pray, study, read God’s word. Building faith comes from meditating on God’s word (written and rhema)


His faith– need God for things I cannot do for myself


His guidance– led by LISTENING to God


His role as a leader– confident in God’s strength, courage in the face of opposition, willing to seek God’s advise (ready to listen), and willing to move quickly when God gives instructions.


I can only move forward into the promised land with faith and courage.