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Move. Eat. Pray. Love. Be.



I am embarking on this new journey to discover all that I was born to do, that is my center, my core, my thing! Discovering what is my passion, my essence, and my brand. What do you get when you get me?

T.D. Jakes says your brand is your promise to your consumer, your audience, or your constituents. If any of you followed my last series of blog postings, then you and I only explored one facet of what formulates MDWELLSPRING and Mironda Williams.

After more than 50 years of living, 35 years in relationship with God and 20 years of medical practice, I now believe more than ever that being well is not one thing, it’s everything. It’s not just diet or exercise or relationships…it’s all of it working together through you and for you.

What gets me excited is thinking, working and writing in ways that optimize function, form and flow. One of my core gifts and/orĀ  strengths is administration and strategic planning. If I want to get to Rome, I can formulate 9 ways to get there with contingencies for the contingencies. Let’s discover ways to unearth our individual wellsprings–a continual source of supply.

As I read, thought, prayed and planned for the refresh and redesign of my website and blog (really myself) I came to focus around these five platforms.

I have said to many in the past that I just don’t want to look well, I want to be well. I don’t want to look happy, I want to be happy. I don’t want to look married, I want to be married. I don’t want to look prosperous, I want to be prosperous. I don’t want to look healthy, I want to be healthy. I don’t want to look like I am connected with God, I want to be connected with God.

What was revealed to me was





And Be Well!

Let’s do this! Happy new year! Happy new you!