Monthly Archives: September 2014

What Makes Up Your Core


me to stop and reflect on my life …. Where I’ve come from. Where I am. Where I’m going. Most recently I have been concentrating about moving my life forward, professionally and personally. The quality and depth of the relationships in our lives can profoundly impact our movement positively and negatively. I’ve heard it said that when God is ready to move in your life, it’s often signaled by the people who enter or exit your life.

It is a recurring thought and prayer that I am open and receptive as people move in and out of my inner circle. I have recently experienced new associations and encounters that I hope will open new avenues of blessing and accomplishment, contentment and fulfillment. There are other newer established relationships that I can now see the rewards and benefits of those associations in the areas of my financial stability and health.

The significant and impacting relationships for our life force are not limited to family, friends and romantic loved ones. We should remember that those individuals who connect with us as a part of a support circle for a full and enriched life include financial planners, doctors, trainers, exercise partners, business partners, etc. Time is precious and relationships due matter. Be mindful of how we spend our time, and with whom.

“Lord, help me to be mindful of the time and season of life I am in. Help me recognize the relationships and opportunities that move me forward to your preferred places of blessing for me. Don’t let fear, worry or anxiety hinder me or cause unnecessary delay.  Help me be strong and very courageous when people enter my life. Help me be strong and very courageous when they exit. Help me be strong and very courageous when seasons change. Give me wisdom to say yes when I should say yes and to say no when I should say no. Don’t let me compromise or become so overly concerned with relationships that I become unbalanced. My hands are lifted and my heart is open. Enlarge my territory and expand my borders.”