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MD WELLSPRING, LLC will encompass Publishing/Audiovisual Productions (e.g. books, audio/spoken word CD’s), Web Site Development/Social Media Marketing, Wellness Resource Education/Consultation, Children/Youth Mentoring and Cultural Enrichment, and Real Estate Development.




Inform. Enrich. Empower.


MD Wellspring will seek to provide a variety of resources and experiences that informs healthier decisions and choices for overall well-being and alleviation of dis-ease. It will endeavor to supply tools that can enrich and help craft purpose filled lives. By enriching the lives of individuals, families and communities you empower the individual, family and community to fulfill purpose.


As I have continued to develop my vision and mission for this endeavor,  ‘Empowering You’ has become the tag line that I would like to consider using throughout the development of the various arms of the corporation. It is my hope to empower those who encounter MD WELLSPRING, for example through enhancing one’s physical, nutritional and spiritual awareness.


Nurturing through science and spirit the mind, body and soul


Back to Basics

  • Information/Knowledge
  • Relationship (personal, professional, spiritual)
  • Health and Wellness









02.13.14 ----UNEARTH Your Wellspring


01.30.14------Empowering You with Food for Thought